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Andrew Parr Presents

Living From The REAL You

“When You Let Go Of FEAR, DOUBT & 'TERRIFYING TOMORROWS' ... You Can Be Your REAL Self & Start Enjoying Life, TODAY”

"It's bringing me not just peace and calm but also a sense of gratefulness for everything around me and a renewed view on things that I never looked at before." L.K.

Original Live Session Recordings Now Available On-Demand

If you’re struggling with any kind of fear, doubt, or TERROR even, over what tomorrow may bring ...

“Here’s Your Chance to Copy the Exact Same Process I Use Everyday to Create A Deep Sense of Peace In My Life”

I went from being riddled with fear, stress and anxiety to a deeper sense of peace, calm and enjoyment, almost overnight ... and so can you!


From the Desk of

Andrew Parr

Author, Speaker, Personal Development Specialist

For anyone suffering with fear, doubt, and “What if it all goes wrong?”, ‘Terrifying Tomorrow’ type thoughts’, there's something very important you should know.


Someone I know very well who suffered with all of these issues and more at different times in his life, was very anxious as a child and although he did his best to function well and live a relatively normal life …


… Inwardly he often suffered with fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, stress, tension, guilt, shame, trauma, anxiety and more.


He knew very well what it was like to be scared, worried, anxious, angry, afraid, frustrated, TERRIFIED even, of what TOMORROW may bring.


And he also found it frustrating that, however hard he tried to resolve these problems, every time he thought he was getting somewhere …

… something else seemed to throw a large spanner in the works and leave him feeling the same he always did, not knowing what to do next.


This person was not alone because, according to statistics, at least 65 million people in Europe and the US suffer with similar conditions, plus countless more who are suffering or struggling, but may not label themselves in that way.


But the good news is, this person I am referring to discovered that, by applying a new approach to time-honoured principles, he was not only able to ease, resolve and overcome most of his issues very quickly ...


 … but also create a much deeper and more constant sense of peace and calm and contentment and enjoyment in his everyday life, and then went on to help others experience the same …


Well, that person was me, and besides dealing with my own stuff, I have also shared in the problems and  "terrifying tomorrows" of the thousands and thousands of clients I have worked with, over the past 30+ years.

“If You Can Adopt ONE Simple Idea I Can Teach You How To Be Free Of Fear, Doubt & 'Terrifying Tomorrows', Forever”

"My thinking is very positive now to what it was. These lessons have given me different ways to think. Thank you." J.M.

For years, people asked me:

  • How do you reduce fear, uncertainty & doubt in your life?
  • How do you go to bed each night in peace, free of "terrifying tomorrows" when things seem scary or out of control?
  • How do you heal your past ... yourself?
  • How do you create a deep and LASTING sense of peace and calm, whatever is going on around you?
  • How do you break repeating cycles and patterns to create a happy, successful life you can ENJOY, today, without spending years in therapy?
  • How do you know which area to focus on, which mountain to climb or which goal to aim for, to successfully achieve this?
  • Where and how do you start?

"The answer to all of these questions is very, very Simple"

I call it “Living From The Real You”, because I discovered that, in order to be really free, instead of limiting ourselves by reacting to beliefs and conditioning of our past and our surroundings,


… we need to start living from that part of us that knows we are capable of more


That part that desires to be set free


That part that no longer wants to be constrained by fear and guilt and shame and doubt and sadness and worries about what tomorrow may bring …


That part that wants to express itself fully and experience greater love, happiness, peace, fun, enjoyment, success, creativity, spontaneity and more …


And if you are looking to solve any personal, emotional or habitual problem in your life, there are 3 things you need to do:


(1) Stop trying to change anything on the outside to make everything Ok on the inside …

(2) Start acknowledging that the only thing separating you from where you are now, and the person you feel you are capable of being, is a layer of fear, uncertainty and doubt … and

(3) Begin the journey that most people are too scared to take, which is to find that the REAL you within, and start living from that place.


The longer we put that off, the more we tend to suffer; the sooner we start, the sooner we feel free.

"Thanks for this course. I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons and benefitting so much. It really is living from the real me." E.C.

Now the big question of course, is how do you do that? And how do you deal with the fears and blocks that get in the way?


So recently I took a small group of people through the process I use, to enable them to do the same.


We met online over a number of weeks using Zoom presentations, complete with slides and question and answer sessions, and the results now speak for themselves

"This new technique has helped me a lot and is preventing my usual self sabotage! " D.W.

The good news is we recorded everything, and I can now give you access to what was originally a very private class …


You can watch the recordings as if you are there, in your own time, on-demand and at your own pace.


You will discover a completely new way of thinking about yourself, your life and any problems within it …


… especially those relating to fear, loss and ‘Terrifying Tomorrow’ type thoughts’, along with any other uncomfortable feelings and emotions you may experience.

"You’ll be able to apply new ideas, make changes and feel the difference right from lesson one …"

And, as I take you on the journey through the real causes of any struggle or suffering you’ve been experiencing, and reveal the only real, lasting way to find relief


You too will begin to experience;


  • A reduction of fear, stress and anxiety producing ideas
  • A greater sense of peace, and worth and value with respect to yourself …
  • A greater sense of control within your life, without needing to be over controlling,
  • A deeper sense of connection to the person within you who knows you are capable of experiencing so much more,
  • And a deeper sense of love, calm, peace, enjoyment and greater self-expression in your everyday life.


It’s an essential journey, if you want to find peace, and one where, the longer you put it off, the more you suffer; the sooner you start, the sooner you feel lighter and free.

But dont just take my word for it...

"It's brilliant!" S.B.


"The new course is awesome! Really helpful. Seems to take spiritual concepts and ideas I have known for a long time and make them easy and practical to apply." D.W.


"I really found it interesting and so glad I went for it."  L.M.

You can start today, and, as someone who’s been through this, I’m here to help you and guide you, step-by-step, all the way.

Test This Out For Yourself

Living From The REAL You

8 - Part Online Masterclass*

From Fear, Doubt & "Terrifying Tomorrows" To Peace, Calm & Enjoyment

Immediate Access Available Now

1 x £295 or 5 x £60

*These are the unedited video recordings of an 8-part live online masterclass recently run by Andrew Parr, complete with downloadable slides

“You Can Literally Access My Closely-Guarded Secrets and Implement My Very Personal Strategies Immediately!”


"I have spent more than 30 Years, researching, learning, practising, experimenting and implementing ... on both myself and thousands of clients ... to discover what ACTUALLY works and makes a lasting difference in bettering our lives  ... and can finally reveal a simple but powerful truth ..."

An 8 Module Masterclass That Will Set You on the Path to Greater Peace, Contentment, Success and Enjoyment!

I have also spent more than 30 years helping people solve personal, emotional and habitual problems ...

... and trained hundreds of others how to help people as well ...

... and can now finally reveal how you can do this yourself ...

Andrew Parr - Living From the REAL You
4-module header (1)

Stage 1

~ The Trap ~

Understanding a new, more subtle model of the mind and how we keep ourselves TRAPPED in cycles of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

4-module header (1)

Stage 2

~ The Solution ~

Discover the solution to escape the trap, break the cycles and create a greater sense of peace, calm and happiness starting TODAY.

4-module header (1)

Stage 3

~ The Technique ~

How to implement the powerful "POND TECHNIQUE" that will not only heal your past, but automatically create a life you can ENJOY going forward.

4-module header (1)

Stage 4

~ The Results ~

Discover how to apply this to EVERY area of your life, including solving problems, achieving goals, identifying your life purpose and more.

What You'll Learn In This Masterclass ...

The Mind-Trap That Creates "Terrifying Tomorrows"

Discover how our minds are caught in a trap that creates endless fear, uncertainty and  doubt with images of "terrifying tomorrows"

Why YOU Are Innately Designed To OVERCOME This

Find out how the answer has always been within you and how you are innately designed to overcome this, and enjoy peace, happiness and more.

How You CAN Implement This NOW Wherever You Are

Learn the simple but powerful "Pond Technique" that will break the fear cycle, heal your past and create a life you can enjoy, starting today.

Apply This To Your Own Life

Solve everyday problems and eliminate fear, stress and anxiety, replacing it with more love, success, peace, happiness and more.

Share With Loved Ones

If you enjoy helping and making a difference to others, you can easily share this method with family, friends and loved ones.

Use On People You Work With

Whatever your line of work, use this approach to accelerate the results you get and create more success, reward, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Living Mock Up


8-Part Online Masterclass

With Andrew Parr

On-Demand Immediate Access Available Now

Join Today Just £295 or 5 x £60

"I have found all of it really beneficial and using it on some clients too which is proving really helpful for them. Getting fantastic feedback."


"I feel truly blessed and content with my life and for the first time ever, believe that I am good enough and know that I am good at what I do."


Your Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with what you learn on this course, and how you can use it to transform your life, and that of others, I will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

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