1-1 Personal Transformation & Coaching Sessions

"The fastest way to

overcome your limitations

is to have

someone experienced

help you reveal

that which is currently

invisible to you"

To ensure you achieve the best outcome, I am only taking on new clients who commit to a block treatment of 5 sessions.

Each session lasts around an hour, usually longer for the first one.

The fee is £3500 for the block of 5.

To arrange a free initial assessment call with Andrew please email: [email protected] or send a message to 07887 566 562

Please note that whilst I will use all the skills and knowledge at my disposal to help you, owing to the individual nature of the treatment provided, it is unethical and impossible to absolutely guarantee any specific results, and all monies paid are non-refundable

"I've been feeling a lot more relaxed, less anxious, more comfortable speaking to others and less focused on worrying what they're thinking about me. Thanks so much for the session!

Best wishes,
Sarah S, London.

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